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Today is Bell’s Let’s Talk day. A day to raise awareness and funds for Mental Health. A very good day indeed. And here I am adding to the clutter of noise that is tagging* into Bell’s initiative. This is important.

Truth be told, this day makes me a bit sad. Sad that we have to have a big corporation backing awareness for much needed mental health discussions and acceptance. I mean it’s great that Bell threw their hat into the ring. I think it is fantabulous they are donating seriously needed funds. I just wish it wasn’t one day. I wish everyday was a day that mental health was discussed with acceptance and love. By anyone, whether they are a big corporation or a small child.

I truly wish and desperately want Mental Health to be as easily discussed as Arthritis, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes. Seriously, we are all affected. And sadly a whole lot of us don’t even know we are. So many people suffer in silence, or even suffer without knowing why. Some people are suffering more because they feel ashamed or feel overwhelmed. And some suffer twofold because their family or friends just do not get it.

So stand up and tweet, hashtag, and shout about mental health today…. #BellLetsTalk A whole bunch of nickels can really add up. You may have someone you love who might be in anguish. And when the calendar turns to tomorrow, keep tweeting, chatting, and loving. Even if Bell isn’t donating funds, you can donate your acceptance.

Donate your thoughts and love to the big wild world. Share your love and understanding. Our brains are complicated organs that we haven’t exactly figured out yet. It isn’t always a choice to feel sad or overwhelmed or incapable. Sometimes our brain chemistry just sabotages our truly awesome selves.

Because we are all truly arwesome.