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So it’s that time of year. The time when we re-evaluate, make lists, look toward the future with glistening eyes and hold every intent to change. That ridiculous old age ideal that with a new year we must change ourselves in some way. That dreaded phrase…New Year Resolutions. Yuech. We intend to hit the gym to lose those muffin tops, say goodbye to that annoying habit, drink less, or eat more (healthy).

Some of mine have included not eating after 7pm, starting a journal, to be a better parent, watch less screens, or walk more. And each and every year I don’t make it past the first month. But strangely enough that doesn’t stop me from trying again the next year, and the next, and next. We don’t like to give up.

Personally I don’t think we really set ourselves up for success a lot of the time. It’s one of the things I have learned as a parent. Attempting any new behaivour requires a good foundation. You really have to set yourself up for making success happen. Sometimes that means making your goal easily reached. Or perhaps like Broadway, you need to set a stage that is worthy of a Tony win.

So this year instead of one big overwhelming resolution, I have promised myself that I will succeed. I have set the stage, set my mind, and reminded myself not to be scared of failure. I intend to embrace change.

That ensures my success. To¬†embrace¬†change. Change is everywhere. And rather than be scared of it, I will smile through it. So if I walk even a little more, wahoo! That is change! If I skip the late night pizza snack, hooray! Maybe that muffin top won’t be so mushy. But either way, I intend to be grab on and see change as a great thing.

Last year brought me lots of change. Scary change, overwhelming change, the kind of change that makes your stomach knot and your intestines let go. Change I could not alter, detour, or stop.

But I can alter the way I look at all that nasty change. So this year I intend to see things differently. Embrace the change. And not let it drown me. Find the sparkles hidden in the fog because I have plenty to help me float. I will take things day by day as the tides change below.

So here’s to setting myself up for success. I’m jumping in with my floaty and life jacket firmly secured. I will bounce and float on the waves of change.