Pooped or not, here she goes. Again.

So here I was just a trifle five minutes ago. Writing my first post in months. Explaining my lazy ass self to you all. And then when I hit publish, I saw a big error stating something went wrong and all my words disappeared down some invisible toilet. Urgh.

So now, my addled brain cannot recall those potentially  brilliant and funny words. Yes, let’s pretend they were both. But for the meantime, here are some substitutes.

I have not been here writing my words for the interweb world. Those mosaics of information laced around us all. Instead I was busy talking myself out of believing my words were interesting while trying to get used to being in pain and frustrated. And being the multi-tasking woman I am, I started working again. The first time since the big ass surgery. The first time working out of the house in almost two years. And the first time working retain in over two decades. Cripes. It took some getting used to. I didn’t blog, I didn’t call. I didn’t do tea dates. I worked, I slept, and I got really, really frustrated. I was, and still am…pooped.

But I’m out of that whole hole now. A passing commment today made me realize I may not have a firm grip on my new normal but my fingers are grasping on to it like desperate tree roots growing stubbornly on a cliff side. I may not be the strongest or most bountiful tree. But I am focused on survival. And that focus should be good enough to keep me going. Pooped or not.

Maybe the next post will be funny.

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