Accessible Parking Spot Drama

Accessible Parking Spots (I’m referring to them as APS here)
You know, the parking spots with the white or blue wheelchair icon on them…

I get it…maybe it’s raining, you are only going to be five minutes, or maybe the next available spot is twenty cars away so you grab that APS next to the store entrance. But don’t forget, you are ABLE, yes, there is that important word you forgot, you are ABLE to walk from your car to the store entrance.

The person, in the car with the Accessible Parking Permit, who cannot park in the spot you have taken is UNable to walk those twenty car widths. Or they may be UNable to exit their car in the regular spots which are more narrow because of much needed mobility aids such as walkers or wheelchairs.

I, almost daily see someone take an APS without a permit. They glance at me as I exit my vehicle next to them, a look of entitlement mixed with wonder if I am going to say something. I haven’t yet. To be honest I don’t need any extra drama in my life. My health issues have me focused on more important drama. And I am ever thankful I am walking with assistance rather than not walking at all.

But on days when I am tired and feeling poor, I really get even more frustrated when I can’t secure an APS to get my errands completed. Those days I do want to leave sticky notes and give a sideways glare. But alas, I don’t. I don’t need the drama.

But here’s the thing people, I shouldn’t have to decide whether or not I want more drama in my life. I shouldn’t have to watch able bodied and permitless people use spots that many other people really need. And on that note, what gives with people using the APSs as waiting spots. …Cars running, music blaring, cell phone typing drivers? But maybe that is another topic to gripe about on another day.

So please, revel in your able-bodiness and walk the extra bit and be thankful you can. Use an umbrella if it’s raining and enjoy it. I can’t hold an umbrella and walk with my two crutches without looking completely asinine and falling over. Puddle jump and be happy you can. Remember we are all worthy and everyone deserves respect and kindness. Rainy or dry days.

One thought on “Accessible Parking Spot Drama

  1. Deb

    I’m totally with you on this one as it’s a major pet peeve of mine as well. Mom’s blindness makes even walking on uneven ground quite difficult so the farther she has to go, the more risk she is exposing herself to. Yet, it’s often very ‘hit or miss’ as to whether we can find an APS available.

    I’d say you print off copies of a guilt-laden note to leave anonymously under their wiper blade. It will get their attention as they’ll think it’s a parking ticket and then (hopefully) make them realize that their selfish actions DO affect others. No drama required!


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